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Heck Ya I’m an Artist!

I have been an artist my whole life! I did not know it or felt I deserved to call myself that, but heck ya, I am an ARTIST! How many of you have felt that way or feel that way about your creative selves? Well stop it! It’s time to let your inner ARTIST shine and make art everyday!

My Art Studio

One of the best thing I did to enable myself to create more art was to convert our formal dining room into my art studio. We all have to eat in our laps on the couch now, but oh well! I love having a dedicated place that is just for me and my artsy friends to create. When I walk into that room I am surrounded by all of my art supplies and am instantly inspired. I can start on a project or 2 or 3 and leave it out to work on when I have the time or the bug to create hits me!

Paper Pals Art Community

The old Paper Pals in Pullman WA

Comment below if you recognize yourself as a Paper Pal!

I owned a scrapbook/paper art store in Pullman, WA for over 13 years. During that time I taught hundreds of classes and created a be-gillion pieces of art; but I never felt like I could “label” myself as an artist. When I look at the above collages of all of the classes I taught and the people I may have inspired or encouraged to be creative it really makes my heart sing! I was an artist that whole time!

Practice makes “better”

My colored pencil bird drawings

One of the things I am doing now to give myself more “artistic” confidence is to practice my drawing and coloring skills. I have taken several online classes and watched drawing tutorials online and on YouTube. I also try to spend a whole week each year with my best art pal, Julie on a self sponsored art retreat! We go away to Port Townsend and spend a whole week practicing our art skills and playing with all of our amazing art supplies.

Art Journaling

My favorite way to spend my creative time is art journaling! With art journaling any thing goes! I can use ALL of my art supplies; from paints, inks, stamps, stencils, collage, markers, etc… You are not limited by any restraints and can just PLAY! An art journal is a great way to try out new mediums and test out new techniques. It really is a “diary” of your art exploration! I love to make my own blank art journal books and have about 10 art journals going and just pick one up and play in it when the mood hits me!

So after all of that sharing and showing, how do you feel about calling yourself an ARTIST? I hope start telling everyone that you are one and feel confident in who you are and what you create!

Peace & Love

~Karen (*please sign up via email and follow my 50 is the new 50 Blog if you enjoyed this post and leave me a comment and tell me what type of ARTIST YOU ARE!)


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