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This Week I'm a Fan of...

Spring 2022 Style System Planner with B.Styled

I wanted to tell you about an amazing service that my friend Beth from B.Styled Personal Styling offers that I think you may really benefit from and enjoy. She offers styling options you from items you probably already have in your closet AND outfits for gals that work from home, work outside the home or are retired!

Beth's Style System Planner is an affordable, seasonal, on-line styling service that takes the confusion and overwhelm out of knowing what to buy and how to combine pieces you own to create easy, modern, and chic everyday looks. You can learn more by clicking HERE but in a nutshell, for $47 this is what you get:

1. A seasonal wardrobe checklist that you can take to your closet and check off what you already own.

2. A clickable shopping catalog to fill in what you may be missing (if anything). And the beauty of Beth's shopping advice is that she provides links to a wide range of accessible retailers to address a variety of budgets and styles. This reduces random, impulse shopping as the items are targeted and will mix and match. She includes suggestions for petites, tall and workwear!

3. Upon sign up, you'll receive a document with all the information you need to get started for the season including Wardrobe Checklist, suggestions and clickable shopping catalogs. You will also receive a daily email at 8pm each evening with an OUTFIT prompt drawn from the Wardrobe Checklist, with tips and suggestions for adapting it to work for your day, your weather, and your style. This goes on for 21 days, and then she runs it again, so you can try the outfits again put a new spin on them if you wish.

4. You can access the Outfit Prompts with one click from your phone as well, making it that much easier to get dressed each day.

5. You can also print out the outfits and hang them in your closet for easy reference all season long.

6. And the best part is the group coaching and personalized attention Beth gives in the Private Facebook Group. You can get help finding items to suit you, you can get advice on outfits and ask questions. I've been a member for several seasons and have gotten so much help and attention - it really is an incredible VALUE.

You can click HERE to learn more and sign up! I highly recommend this service and know Beth is happy to answer any questions. You can reach her here: Tell her I sent you!

Everyday Neutral Eyeshadow Palette

This look is perfect for everyday wear and works great on all eyes. Watch the replay of my LIVE tutorial showing you step by step how to get this full look!

All Seint Makeup used:

On Eyes- Stay Golden, Cafe, Revival, Filly, Foxy - GET THIS PALETTE HERE

On Lips - Royal & Revival Eyeshadow

On Cheeks - Royal

Outer Aisle Cauliflower Sandwich Thins!

I am LOVING these Keto Friendly/Low Carb Cauliflower Sandwich Thins from Outer Aisle! I have been using them to make sandwiches, as a soft taco shell & burger bun!

Here is a tip on how I heat them up! Place them in your Air Fryer at 350 for 3 mins. Some of my favorite toppings are cream cheese, egg salad, lunch meat, avocado & turkey or beef burgers!

I'm back on the Code Red Revolution program and am down 18 pounds this past month. Still have 36 more pounds to lose to get back to my pre-covid/pre-work from home weight!

Have a great week!

Post contains affiliate links and I may make a small commission. All opinions are my own.


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