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5 Makeup Tips for Gals with Glasses!


Makeup Tip for Glasses #1 - Blush Tip

Does it matter how we apply our blush when we are wearing our glasses 👓?

Yes it does!

Here are your go to tips for applying blush when wearing glasses:

👉Apply your blush with your glasses on!

👉Tap your blush from the outside of your frame towards your ear - using the shape of your frames as a guide!

👉Add a bit of blush up on your temples & the side of your forehead to frame your face!

👉Let the shape & size of your glasses help guide you on where to place your blush!

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Makeup Tips for Glasses #2 - Eyebrows

Did you know that scientists are saying that your brows are your most important facial feature?

👓When you are wearing glasses your frames will draw even more attention to your eyebrows! So make sure they are looking their best!

Here are your brow tips when wearing glasses:

👉Brush and tame your brows.

👉 Shape them if needed.

👉Fill them in with a brow pomade, gel or pencil.

👉Let your brows frame your face and not your glasses!

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Makeup Tips for Glasses #3 - Mascara

👓 Try this trick to avoiding getting mascara smudges all over your lenses!

👉 Listen and watch to Episode three below for these awesome mascara tips!

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Makeup Tips for Glasses #4 - Eyeshadows

Glasses tend to create shadows in the eye area, so you want to try and avoid making the eyes look darker.

👉 Try lighter neutral, pastel and even shimmer eyeshadows for brightening the eyes.

👉 Always start by applying an eyeshadow primer to your eyelids, this will help your lighter eyeshadows really pop!

👉 Bonus Tip: Add a bit of eyeshadow primer to the bride f your nose, to help prevent your glasses from slipping!

👉 Add a touch of light-reflecting makeup, like a cream illuminator, in the inner corner to really make those peepers pop!

👉Apply a cream or beige eyeliner or cream makeup to your waterline. This makes your eyes appear larger and brighter and makes you look more awake.

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Makeup Tips for Glasses #5 - Lips

Since your glasses will draw attention to your eyes you will want to balance out your frames by adding lip color!

Do you add lipstick daily?

👉If you have thick, brightly-colored frames, consider balancing them with a rich color on your lips.

👉 Try bold colors like red or bright pink.

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