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25 Days of Eyeshadow Looks

Need some eyeshadow inspiration? Check out all of these gorgeous 3 shade eyeshadow looks you can get for yourself today!

The Seint eyeshadows are highly pigmented and long-lasting. They come with more than double the average eyeshadow and are available in a full range of shades and finishes including: shimmer, matte, glitter, and cream.

3 Eyeshadow Application Tips

Eyeshadow Brushes

What it is - The Eyeshadow Brush

This Eyeshadow Brush is an essential tool for mastering all eyeshadow techniques.

How you use it

Use the fluffy end for all-over color and blending and the small, dense end to create smoky details.

Why it’s better

The two sides are shaped to blend and smudge eyeshadow for fast and seamless application. Double-ended brushes save space in your bag and make your beauty routine a breeze.

What it is - The Smudge Brush

The Smudge Brush is the right tool for the job if you are looking to up your eye makeup game!

How you use it

Use the dense rounded end to apply eyeshadow right where you want it with intensity and precision, and the small domed end to blur shades and smudge lines like an expert.

Why it’s better

Take your look from soft and subtle to bold and dramatic and create the perfect smoky eye with this 2-in-1 must-have brush.

What it is - The Line Brush

The Line Brush creates clean, sharp lines for brows and eyes.

How you use it

Use the angled, flat end for creating thin, hair-like strokes to fill your brows or to line your eyes with precision. Use the spoolie end to blend and set your brows for a flawless finish.

Why it’s better

Achieve the microblade perfection you’ve been looking for with this double-ended brush that gets those brows on fleek.

Ready to Order?

Choose your favorite 3 piece eyeshadow palettes then – just click HERE to shop!


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