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How to Wear a Statement Coat

aldomartins fringe coat from rent the runway statement outfit

Tips on Wearing Statement Pieces

Let’s start with some great tips on how to wear fun, graphic statement pieces.

Tip #1

Tip #1 – Don’t go overboard! Sometimes less is more. Remember, the statement piece(s) will stand out if you limit it to one or two.

Tip #2

Tip #2 – Let the statement piece take center stage! Wear your statement piece over neutral, solid pieces. In this outfit, I am wearing a neutral gray sweater, coordinating colored jeggings and black ankle boots. By wearing neutral colored clothing, your statement piece becomes the focal point.

If your statement piece is an accessory i.e jewelry, scarf, handbag, or shoes then wear neutral pieces with it. On the other hand, if your statement piece is a piece of clothing keep your accessories elegant & simple so that your outfit can shine on its own.

Tip #3

Tip #3 – Stay true to your Style! Regardless of what the new trends are or what fun new pieces you find, make sure that what you wear reflects the real YOU! Statement pieces allow you to be creative, bold, eclectic. In addition it is a fun way to put together amazing looks On the other hand, if you are feeling uncomfortable or not yourself in the outfit, then that’s your hint to adjust your look by taking away a piece or changing it out. Your clothing should make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

Tip #4

Tip #4 – Learn how to take a compliment! By pushing yourself out of your fashion comfort zone, you will undoubtedly attract some attention. Showing and feeling confidence in your appearance can be contagious. So, be the first to offer up authentic compliments to other women in your life! If you are feeling good, look to others and offer up a compliment on what they are wearing. We know we all do this, but please don’t flippantly dismiss any compliments that you are given. Take a moment, absorb the compliment that was so graciously given and then THANK the person giving it. Respond back to the compliment by adding how that made you feel, or why you also love the item they are complimenting. With this in mind, don’t look away, get embarassed or dismis it. Instead, try saying something like “thank-you, I feel so comfortable in this dress.”

Stand out with a Graphic Statement Coat

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aldomartins geo graphic tweed fringe coat from rent the runway statement outfit

This week I STOOD out at work by wearing this fun, graphic, statement coat from Aldomartins Fringe Coat – Rent the Runway. To being with, I am having so much fun with my Rent the Runway unlimited membership. If you missed my previous post all about this fun clothing membership subscription you can read it here. With this membership I can jazz up my work outfits with amazing designer pieces every day. This Aldomartins fringe coat retails new for $400 and you can purchase the one you rent for $200. For that reason, renting this coat just makes the most fashion “cents.”

How I put the outfit together

aldomartins geo graphic tweed fringe coat from rent the runway statement outfit tips

Use the statement piece as inspiration

aldomartins geo graphic tweed fringe coat from rent the runway statement outfit

I looked to my statement coat for inspiration on what other pieces to wear with it. Staying true to the fashion “rules” regarding statement pieces, I kept my sweater, pants and boots all neutral. This coat’s twill fabric color palette is black, grey, maroon red, cream and pink.

Keeping it simple

wear to work neutral staples grey charcoal sweater tunic

I found this Alexander + David Sweater oversized v-neck pullover sweater with a hi-low hem on Amazon. This charcoal sweater is a great neutral, staple piece for your winter wear. It comes in several other great colors and is only $28.95. I’m wearing a med/large and it is not too big or too tight.

Added a statement necklace

Francesca's rebecca fringe gold sandblasted statement necklace

This Rebecca Fringe Statement Necklace from Francesca’s is my new favorite accessory. Of course I have been wearing it a lot lately and have gotten so many compliments. The sand-blasted gold necklace is only $26, lead free and really nice quality. I will be ordering other pieces from Francesca’s and recommend this site for it’s quality and price!

Finding other statement coats

beyond proper tweed full length coat

If you don’t want to sign up for a rental membership to Rent the Runway, these other tweed, fringe coats may be just your style. Beyond Proper has this fun, bright and graphic tweed coat for $179.50.

cupcakes and cashmere genesis jacket black and white tweed fringe jacket

Consider trying a shorter length tweed fringe coat. Great option if you are petite or short wasted. With this in mind, I found both of these cupcakes and cashmere coats on Amazon.

cupcakes and cashmere canter tweed pink and grey pastel moto jacket

Make my heart sing!

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