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Rent the Runway Review

Rent the Runway Membership

Shhh…I’m sharing my little fashion secret with you all. I have a membership to Rent the Runway and I LOVE it! Moreover, this site is not just for renting gowns or dresses for special occasions. In reality, it is also a great way to keep your everyday wardrobe fresh and updated. Here is my unbiased & lengthy Rent the Runway membership review!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Read full disclosure policy HERE

You can choose from sweaters, coats, dresses, purses, pants, jeans earrings and more! In the long run, it may keep you from shopping for items you would only wear once. Most importantly, if you do end up loving a piece and just can’t bear to send it back, you have the option to buy it for up to 90% off. My rent the runway membership review will get you up-to-date on all the tips and tricks.

Is Rent the Runway for you?

Can you answer YES to at least 4 of the following…

Live somewhere with limited shopping options and are sick of shopping online.

Presently buy clothes on impulse and may only wear them once or twice.

Spent $300 or more on clothes in the past two months.

Worn out your capsule wardrobe and wish you had more fun pieces.

Love fashion and want to wear nice clothes without maxing out your credit card.

Due to a weight loss journey, you are in between sizes.

Pregnant – Rent the Runway has an amazing maternity section.

Find yourself feeling like you’ve got nothing to wear for a date, party, or work day.

Unquestionably tire of your clothes quickly, hence you buy things you never wear or only wear them once.

Always have weddings and/or work events on your calendar.

RTR Update -vs- RTR Unlimted

Given that I answered YES to 8 of the above, I went for the full RTR Unlimited package! The RTR Unlimited package is on sale right now for only $99 a month (regular price is $159.) To explain, lets go over the difference between the 2 plans?

RTR Update – $69 Trial Month/$89 After

  1. Perfect if you want to refresh your wardrobe each month

  2. Items you can have at home = 4 for the month

  3. Swaps = 1 swap per month

  4. Total Items per month = 4 items

  5. Styles included = 350+ Brand

  6. $89 a month / 4 pieces: $22.25 rental fee per piece for the month.

RTR Unlimited – $99 Trial Month/$159 After

  1. Perfect if you want to wear new outfits all the time

  2. Items you can have at home = 4 on constant rotation

  3. Swaps = Unlimited swaps

  4. Total items per month = Unlimited items

  5. Styles included = 475 brands, including premium designer

  6. $159 a month / 4 pieces, exchanged 3 times, total pieces rented – 12: $13.25 rent fee per piece for the month

How It Works

Unlike other services, with Rent the Runway you get to pick 4 pieces that are completely your choice. Not to mention, you can choose what you want, in the style you want and the sizes you want based on the your wardrobe needs. As an example, my first 4 choices were a sweater, faux shearling vest, teddy bear coat and a designer purse.

Membership perks


  2. Choose from thousands of designer pieces – every trend, size & color imaginable. Use their online website or app.


  4. Get new pieces once a month or on constant rotation.

  5. NO COMMITMENTS – Pause or cancel your membership anytime. It’s always flexible.

  6. Free 2-day shipping both ways

  7. Free dry cleaning and rental insurance included

  8. 25% off all 4-day Reserve rentals

  9. Up to 90% off Members-only discount to buy rentals

  10. Member Concierge for order assistance

How your Rent the Runway items arrive

Shipping is 2-days and free both ways. Straightaway, I placed my 1st order on Monday, January 14th. Surprisingly it arrived via FedEx on Wednesday, January 16th. In truth, I’m not sure it will always be this fast, but in any event I was very pleased.

Your items arrive in a zippered, fabric garment bag, inside plastic and on hangers. The Tory Burch bag I rented came inside its own mini garment bag. The pre-paid UPS return label is also tucked into the bag for your returns and/or swaps. Keep in mind when you return to swap items, it will be 2 days transit to RTR and 2 days back in transit to you. In reality, four days until you can receive your next item(s).

My First Rent the Runway Order

Item #1 – Rag & Bone Sweater

Item number one was this rag & bone Tom turtleneck sweater that retails new for $395. Following my own rent the runway membership review tips, I rented it in a size medium after reading all of the customer reviews and looking at other customer photos. Reviewers often share details like their height and size. As a result, you can pinpoint people with similar measurements.

This sweater fit perfectly and I wore it to work on Friday under a brown faux leather jacket from Maurices. It was really fun to think I was wearing this expensive designer piece under my $20 faux leather jacket!

If I wanted to purchase this sweater, the price would be $237. Ouch! Way to pricey for me and my little budget. For that reason, I will be returning this on Tuesday to swap out. However, how fun was is to wear this really nice designer piece. It was very fun I must say.

Item #2 – Cupcakes and Cashmere Vest

Second rental item was this Cupcakes and Cashmere faux shearling Fiona vest that retails new for $130. I also rented it in a size medium. I have been wanting to get one of these vests for some time now. But, have never seen one in any of the stores we have in our area. Which is not a big surprise to anyone that lives here in Moscow, Idaho! We have a very small mall here that has Old Navy, Maurices, Christopher Banks, Marshall’s and The Buckle.

The vest was so comfy and fit perfectly. I wore this outfit it to work on Thursday and received a ton of compliments. At any rate, I was on the fence if I should purchase it for $78 or send it back on Tuesday to swap out. At this point I think I am going to send it back, because I really want to get 3 more items on the way to me asap.

Item #3 – Moon River Faux Fur Coat

Number three was my FAVORITE! The Moon River caramel faux fur coat. This teddy bear coat retails new for $159. The 40% off purchase price is $95.40 and I just might need to keep it! I mean really, who wouldn’t want to wear fuzzy teddy bear coat?

With this intention, I am going to spend the $95 and purchase this coat. To emphasize why, I’m going to give you three reasons. One, I LOVE this coat. Two, it is in great shape for being used and I know I will wear it a ton.

Third reason is the best! A Rent the Runway membership review hack is to get yourself two garment bags instead of one. If you send all your items back in one bag or just one at a time, you will have to wait for that bag to get to RTR and get back to you. An easy way, all tho not as cheap is to consider buying one of your items, which will automatically free-up one spot without sending anything back. You can then order your next look, which will come in a new bag. There you go — two bags!

Look at how cute it is with this periwinkle blue sweater? Check back for my future post showing 3 ways I wore it!

Item #4 – Tory Burch Half-Moon Straw Bag

Final item #4 was a Tory Burch half-moon straw crossbody bag. It was much smaller than I anticipated. Even tho the measurements were clearly written in the product details. Purchase price of this piece would be $139.30. Not an item I would purchase, but I enjoyed using it all week.

Rent the Runway Tips and Hack

Heart everything you like.

Start “hearting” everything you kinda like, like and LOVE as your are browsing through the inventory. Since Rent the Runway is constantly updating the inventory with new items, you will have all of your favorites saved in one section labeled “hearts.” As soon as you are ready/allowed to rent again, you can go to your hearts section and make your selections.

Make several themed heart lists. Set up Seasonal lists for items you would love to try in Spring, Summer, Fall. Plan a list for an upcoming trip, vacation or work event. It is easier to create your lists on the RTR website and then you can browse and add to the lists on your phone app when you have down time.

Change the “Delivery on” Date.

If you have the RTR Unlimited, sort your items to the closest “delivery on date” you think your next order/swap will be going out. This will show only the items that are available for that date. Almost guaranteeing that your next items will go out right away.

Get two bags instead of one.

If you send all your items back in one bag or just one at a time, you will have to wait for that bag to get to RTR and then back to you. An easy way, all tho not as cheap, is to consider buying one of your items. This will automatically free-up one spot without sending anything back. You can then order your next look, which will come in a new bag in 2 days. There you go — two bags!

Another option is to return one item in your own box and pay the return shipping yourself. As soon as it is received at RTR, a rental slot will open up and they will send out your next item in a 2nd bag!

Undoubtedly, this will really maximize the system by having at least one piece at home, one or two on its way to you and/or one on its way to RTR at any given time. The two bag system cuts out the wasteful transit time. As a result, you will rent and wear more pieces each month.

Read the reviews and look at ALL the pictures before you order.

Remember you only get one size sent to you and if it does not fit you will have to send it back and wait 4 days for a replacement piece. So as to avoid any mishaps, read all the reviews and look at all the real life customer photos. It’s a great way to guarantee that the style and size you choose will work for your size and body type.

Don’t rent full outfits.

Get the most wear out of your items by renting a variety of items that will work with your existing wardrobe. Given that tip, don’t rent a pair of grey slacks, with navy blazer and a cream blouse when you most likely have these items in your closet already. Instead, pick out items that you can mix in with your existing wardrobe.

For this reason, my strategy going forward will be to keep on rotation a jacket/coat, one top/sweater, one dress/skirt and one bag/accessory.

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So let me know if you are going to give Rent the Runway a trial run. Below is a Share the Love referral link that should give you $30 off.

Make my heart sing!

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