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What underwear to Wear UNDER White Pants!

Guess what? We shouldn’t wear white underwear under white pants! I thought that matching my undies to my pants was what you should do to avoid having them show through. Well was I wrong! When you wear white under white pants or a dress you are actually “highlighting” your undergarments!

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What color underwear do you where with white pants

Instead of matching your underwear to your clothes, you should be matching them to your skin tone or even a shade darker. The best colors for my skin tone would be nude or beige. Here are 3 of my favorite pairs I found on Amazon.

1, SPANX Women’s Undie-Tectable Lace Hi-HipsterSoft Nude – These are a bit spendy, but oh so worth it! When they say no seams, they mean NO SEAMS! These undies solve all of your VPL (Visible Panty Lines) woes and are totally invisible under clothes. Elastic-free edges and a bonded waistband make these next-to-nothing panties truly Undie-tectable®. I am wearing these with white linen pants and white work pants that are a bit see through.

2. Commando Cotton Thong Nude -I never thought I would or could wear a thong! But, I was wrong. These cotton thongs have a wide comfortable waist band & are raw-cut for a line-free fit. Perfect to wear under white jeans and work out wear.

3. Boody Body EcoWear Women’s G-String Nude & Beige – I would not necessarily call these a g-string. They have much more coverage in the front and the don’t “ride” up!

What style underwear to wear with white pants

White linen pants and some white work pants can be almost see through. So going commando or wearing a thong is out of the question! These SPANX Women’s Undie-Tectable Lace Hi-Hipsters are the perfect solution. They have a sheer lace backing on them, and are pretty much invisible under thinner, lightweight pants.

SPANX Women's Undie-Tectable Lace Hi-Hipster underwear in soft nude are a great pair of underwear to wear with white linen pants

SPANX Women's Undie-Tectable Lace Hi-Hipster underwear in soft nude

Great tip: remove the pockets on white pants

You can’t see my underwear under these white work trousers, but you can see the back pockets. I am not sure why designers put white pockets in unlined or other lightweight white fabrics. The white on white is distracting and just makes it all the more obvious that the pants are a bit see through. So, right after I took this photo I carefully cut out the pocket liners on all of my white pants.

What style underwear to wear with white jeans

No more VPL, no more VPL! Shout it with me gals! No more visible panty lines! Wearing a thong or g-string with white jeans will put an end to your VPL! I am wearing these Boody Body EcoWear Women’s G-String and they are really comfortable. I had no “ride up” issues and I didn’t feel like I was exposing my back side!

I'm wearing Boody Body EcoWear nude g-string underwear with my white skinny jeans.

What’s the difference between a g-string and a thong?

The difference is in the shape. A g-string is a thong that has a very narrow waistband, typically a strip of elastic ¼-inch or narrower. The ‘thong’ part of the g-string is also very thin, so the only fabric is pretty much a small triangle in the front. The thong resembles a bikini bottom but there is very less cloth at the back making the hips almost visible.

To sum it all up

Wearing white pants doesn’t’ have to be scary or exposing! Just get yourself the right pair of skin colored, seamless underwear that fits and feels comfortable for you. Now that you know what you should wear with white pants – here is a great article from Cosmopolitan on The Underwear You Should Never Wear With White Pants!

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