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There's a reason I love and trust SEINT skincare the most. First and foremost, we all know that beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Thus, SEINT created their own skincare system that is comprised of a cleanser, toner, moisturizing crème, and exfoliator. Each of these products compliments the others, and while gentle on even the most sensitive of skins, the products are made up of a power house ingredients that can completely transform a person’s skin.

The milk base of the Seint Skincare System uses lactic acid in its purest form.

Lactic acid serves as a gentle exfoliant that removes dead skin cells by dissolving the bonds that hold those cells together. This healthy turnover and renewal in skin cells leaves younger and plumper skin cells, and thus creating a brighter, smoother, and softer complexion. Lactic acid also stimulates capillary circulation, provides greater moisture retention, and increases collagen production for greater skin elasticity. Hyperpigmentation (aka sunspots and dark spots) will fade, fine lines and wrinkles will soften and even smooth out over time, and acne and blemishes will clear up, thus making this skincare line ideal for mature skin alike.     


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The Skincare Collection has been carefully crafted to give your skin the decadence that it deserves. It is a luxurious 3-step system that promotes healthy skin cell turnover through gentle exfoliation and provides superior moisture retention for a more clarified, luminous, and smoother-looking complexion.



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Discover SEINT's full range of skincare offerings, spanning from nourishing lip masques to revitalizing cleansing cloths. Each product is thoughtfully curated to cater to your unique needs, fostering a healthy skin cell turnover through delicate exfoliation and delivering unparalleled moisture retention.


Not all makeup is created              when it comes to mature skin.


If you haven't updated your makeup routine in a decade or more, it's time to experience the transformative power of products specifically designed for your skin. Get a free mature skin color match today and unlock the secret to looking and feeling amazing.

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