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3 Ways to Wear White Pants in Fall

3 Ways to Wear White Pants in Fall

Today on the blog I’m showing 3 ways to wear your Summer white pants into the Fall. I know, we have all heard that old rumor that you should never wear white after Labor Day, but we can all let that one go. A great pair of white trousers are just too flattering to put away just because Summer is over!

1. With a Neutral Sweater Shell

wear white pants into fall with a neutral sweater

Wearing neutral colors with your bright white pants will soften the Summer feel of white on white and bring it into a more Fall look.

Wearing a tan neutral sweater shell with white pants into Fall.

Early Fall is usually still pretty warm in my area. So, instead of wearing a full cardigan set, split it up and just wear the sweater shell.

2. With a Gray Sweater

Wear white pants with a gray sweater to take them into fall and winter.

Gray and white is not only a sophisticated color combo, but it is also perfectly fashionable for colder weather. No one would even think you’re wearing your favorite summer staple when you add a soft grey cropped sweater!

Add black loafers to your white trousers for a Fall outfit.

Loafers are a great shoe year round, but they really seem appropriate in the Fall. I think they remind us of back-to-school shopping, which in turn reminds us of Fall. So slip on your loafers, but remember to skip socks!

3. With Suede Booties

Suede booties with white pants for Fall.

Suede booties are as essential to Fall as pumpkin spice lattes! So, their is no better way to take your white pants into Fall than with a pair of suede booties.

Add gold accessories for Fall with your white pants and a graphic black and tan sweater.

This graphic black and tan striped dolman sweater by Workshop Republic is a wonderful neutral combo to warm up your white pants for Fall. Wearing gold accessories, instead of cooler silver is another great way to warm up your white pant ensemble.

Make my heart sing!

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