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5 Tips on How to Layer up!

When you live in the Pacific Northwest, like I do, you never know what type of weather you are going to have! You may wake up to snow on the ground, then by noon the sun is out and it is all melted. Or you wake up to bright blue skies and by noon it is raining out. But I love it here in Idaho and would not live anywhere else. The issue I do have is planning what to wear every day so I’m either warm enough when I’m outside OR not sweating to death in my office. The answer to is to “layer up!

So how do we layer without adding bulk and having the options to “strip” down if we get too warm through out the day? Here are my top 5 tips!

Tip #1 – Start with the basics

  1. Start with a basic under layer. I love Cuddle Duds!

  2. A tank top, shell, sleeveless turtleneck, short or long sleeve t-shirt or lightweight button up shirt.

  3. Keep this layer a solid, neutral, stripe or even a plaid.

  4. Just make sure this base layer can be worn on it’s own! If you get too warm, you will want to feel comfortable wearing just this layer.

  5. Put on a pair of opaque tights or leggings if wearing a dress or skirt.

Tip #2 – Add a top layer

What I’m Wearing: Old Navy Original Skinny Jeans in New Rinse color, Brenna Boot in Vintage Charcoal from Minnetonka Moccasin Co. , Old Navy Fair Isle Sweater

  1. Add a cardigan, sweater, duster, vest, blazer or even a lightweight coat.

  2. Don’t play it safe! Here is where you can punch up your outfit by adding a bright colored cardigan or fun patterned sweater.

  3. Mix it up by using casual layers with your work attire. Wear a flannel shirt under a work blazer OR add a chunky sweater over a fancy skirt. Get creative and play around with all the pieces you have in your closet

  4. I am wearing an Old Navy metallic fair isle sweater that is not too heavy and is in a nice cream color over a flannel button up.

Tip #3 – Add an outer layer

What I’m Wearing: Brenna Boot in Vintage Charcoal from Minnetonka Moccasin Co. , Old Navy Original Skinny Jeans in New Rinse color, Wrapables Women’s Plaid Print Infinity Scarf, Sweater Blazer from Adrienne Vittadini

  1. Add a blazer, blue jean jacket, leather jacket, adirondack jacket, wool jacket or a winter coat.

  2. Keep your outer layer a solid, neutral color. My favorite neutrals are gray, camel, navy and of course black. But any solid color will work and in 2019 the color trends are going to be so fun! Baby blues, marigold yellows, emerald greens and warm tans.

  3. I scored this soft and buttery sweater blazer from Adrienne Vittadiniat my local Marshals.

Tip #3 – Layer up…don’t bulk up!

What I’m Wearing: Naturalizer N5 Comfort Boots, Lucky Brand Lolita Jeans, Yanekop Womens Plaid Blanket Scarf , Maurices Sweater, Premier Designs Necklace

  1. Add length to your silhouette by wearing a longer under layer, like a basic button-front shirt or a tunic kept “UN-tucked.”

  2. Add a belt to to define your waist line and keep all your layers in place. You can add a belt over a cardigan, blazer, jacket and even a blanket scarf. Experiment with both skinny and wide belts to see what works best with your body type.

  3. Mix up the textures and types of fabrics. Avoid wearing a sweater cardigan over a sweater as this will look heavy and add the appearance of unwanted weight!

  4. I’m wearing a yellow beige tarton check blanket scarf I found for only $12.00 on Amazon. I am also wearing my mid-calf Naturalizer N5 Comfort Boots that I love because they fit so well if you have larger calves.

Tip #4 – Sprinkle on the Accessories

What I’m Wearing: Old Navy Mid-Rise Gray-Wash Super Skinny Jeans Michael Kors Camel Turtleneck, Maurices Beaded Statement Necklace

  1. Add your own flair with fun patterned scarves, warm knitted infinity scarves or a beautiful and warm blanket scarf.

  2. Add a statement necklace or layer several varying lengths of necklaces.

  3. Layer on the bracelets and don’t be afraid to mix metal finishes.

Tip #5 – Boot up!

What I’m Wearing: Brenna Boot in Vintage Charcoal from Minnetonka Moccasin Co. , Old Navy Original Skinny Jeans in New Rinse color

  1. Ankle boots, rain boots, over-the-knee boots, riding boots….boots are great and can be worn in all types of weather and look great at work too!

  2. My favorite pair of ankle boots are the Brenna Boot in Vintage Charcoal from Minnetonka Moccasin Co.

Hope you get in your closet and start pulling out pieces you can start to layer yourself up today! If you thought this post was helpful and encouraging, PLEASE SHARE it on your Facebook page by clicking the FB button! Thanks! ~Karen

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