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Frickin’ Fabulous Fage Parfait

I get asked all the time what do you eat for dessert? Since we don’t eat cookies, ice cream, or any sugary treats anymore it was a challenge to find something sweet and satisfying. After some experimenting, we found our sweet tooth fix. We call it our Frickin’ Fabulous Fage Parfait!

The ingredients we use to create this sinfully sweet creation are Fage 5% Plain Greek Yogurt, Lilly’s Stevia Sweetened Dark Chocolate Chips, Let’s Do Organic Unsweetened Toasted Coconut Flakes, Sweet Drops Vanilla Stevia and your choice of berries.

The Fage 5% natural greek yogurt is the base of our parfait. Fage means “to eat” in Greek and boy do we eat this stuff in our house. It is really IMPORTANT to get the 5% Milkfat Plan version of this yogurt. As with all things Code Red, fat free is a big NO NO! (Read more about my Code Red weight loss journey here) The Fage yogurt is unbelievably thick and creamy so it sticks to your ribs and the higher fat content keeps you full. The yogurt has NO added sugar, but as with all dairy products it does have some natural sugars in it, but the high fat and protein balance that out. Here are the Nutrition Facts for the Fage 5% per 1 cup – Calories 210 Total Fat 11g Total Net Carbs 7g Protein 20g Locally I have found the “blue” 5% Fage at Walmart, Huckleberry’s Section in Rosauers and Winco.

My favorite Stevia sweetener is the SweetLeaf Sweet Drops in vanilla. I order them by the 6 pack off of Amazon, but I have also found it at Safeway (although it is pretty spendy there.) This brand also comes in Carmel, Chocolate, Coconut and Plain. You can get the variety pack here to try it out. This natural Stevia sweetener is gluten free and has no weird after-taste. I also use this to flavor my Starbucks Americonos both hot and iced and carry a bottle in my purse! You can experiment on how much to “squirt” in, but I usually put in a long squirt and then taste it to see if I need more or not. It is really sweet, so start out by putting in less until you decide on your sweetness level.

Now for my Hubby’s FAVORITE ingredient…Lily’s Dark Chocolate Baking Chips! These also have no added sugar, vegan, gluten free and are Stevia sweetened. If you are resisting the Code Red lifestyle because you are addicted to chocolate (like Dave) then you will LOVE these chocolate chips. We also bulk buy these from Amazon in 4 packs because we go through so many bags a week and it is the best price. You can find them at Safeway, the Moscow Coop and also in the Huckleberry’s section of Rosauers. Most expensive at the Coop and Safeway, but Rosauers has them on sale every now and then. Here are the Nutrition Facts for per 1 Tablespoon – Calories 55 Total Fat 4g Total Net Carbs 6g

My FAVORITE ingredient is the Let’s Do Organic Unsweetened Toasted Coconut Flakes. The key word being “toasted!” This product is 100% organic coconut flakes with nothing else added — no sweeteners, preservatives, whiteners, or sulfites. I also love to add this to my Chia seed NoOatmeal (will share that recipe soon) for some added crunch. I get ours in the Huckleberry’s section of Rosauers. Here are the Nutrition Facts for 1/4 cup – Calories 100 Total Fat 7g Total Net Carbs 6g

I also like to add some berries to my parfait. Dave skips this ingredient! On Code Red, we can have raspberries, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Just remember all things in moderation, as too many berries can stall your weight loss or make some people start to gain.

Get yourself an oversized bowl or cup and mix it all up. I start by mixing up just the yogurt and my sweet drops first then folding in the chocolate chips, coconut and berries.

Please comment below and let me know if you tried our Frickin’ Fabulous Fage Parfait! You can also save this to your Pinterest boards by hovering over the top left corner of any image and clicking on the Pinterest button.

Enjoy! ~Karen


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